Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What They Taught Me

What They Taught Me About Jesus
* The Blessed Mother taught me faithfulness in spite of trial and to stand by Christ when everyone else disappears
* St Therese of Liseaux taught me to think of Jesus before I think of my own needs and how to live virtues to an heroic degree
* My best friend taught me to be more public about God and the value of prayers
* My mother taught me extreme giving in God’s name, poverty, selflessness and detachment
* My former religious community taught me the potential of depth prayer can reach
* My siblings taught me by their example how to endure suffering but remain faithful to God; to search for fulfillment in Him
* The Catholic Church taught me how to perfect my search for God; the comfort of rituals; what Christian community is
* My Spiritual director and retreat directors taught me how to perfect my search for God and how to be less of a perfectionist while being more gentle with myself and others
* The Friends that I admire most taught me simplicity, humility, the gift of tears and spiritual intimacy; different approaches to a personal relationship with God; honesty in prayer; how to live a life that evidences God as my priority
* My Enemies taught me humility, endurance and faithfulness to prayer
* My “Jesus Women” Prayer Group taught me the value of community and spiritual support /encouragement; the definition of spiritual strength, especially in family.
* My job taught me about the corporal works of mercy; what *PRAXIS means and how blessed I am.

I look back at all the people who’ve contributed to my spiritual formation and I stand grateful.

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