Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Maryknoll Mission Story

Written in the Maryknoll Mission magazine in September of 2005. The following takes place in the Sudan in Africa:

The army on horses came upon the house so the father met them at the door while mom and kids huddled outside behind the house. One soldier grabbed the mom and oldest daughter bringing them to the front of the house. They then set fire to the house and the remaining family.
After tying the father, the soldiers raped his wife and daughter in front of him. They then took a piece of burning wood from the house and branded the young daughter with it. When all that was done, they shot the father in the head, killing him instantly and rode off.
The branded young girl was scarred for life as an outcast and would never be able to be with a man or marry. The Maryknoll mission rescued these two women.

Please pray for peace.

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