Thursday, March 30, 2006

On Jesus' Humility

Jesus was born to an unwed mother in a stable. He slept in the animals' food bin and his family hid for the first year to avoid His being killed. Jesus' Presentation was celebrated by the offering of 2 pigeons, the typical offering of poor people. His foster dad was a carpenter. They weren't wealthy but made an honest living. His father Joseph died quietly and unnoticed. Though He was GOD, Jesus spent 30 years living a hidden life at home. He was GOD - and could have right-ed the world, could have looked for a following, could have set Himself up as a spiritual Master. He didn't brag, exert His power or mock people's foolishness. He didn't become inpatient with stupidity or lack of faith. He didn't act righteously or look upon people condescendingly. For 30 years Jesus lived in the moment, paid attention to His mom, fulfilled His responsibilities and waited on His Father's word.
God's son Jesus was baptized by His cousin John, along with a crowd of others. The one who couldn't contain His pride was the Father who burst through the clouds to tell everyone "This is my Son!"
Once Jesus' mission was public He still didn't set out to gather the wisest and most learned religious authority figures as His team. Rather it was fishermen who filled the majority of those slots. Jesus cured, taught and raised people back to life but didn't have a home or apartment to call His own. Jesus was homeless. The Savior and King of the world was dependendent on others for food, shelter and clothing. He had a regular large following but no servants. There was no bureaucratic scheduling system, no paperwork and no politics needed to be in His presence or be healed by Him.
Jesus didn't look for praise or a position of authority while He did all His work. He took on His persecutors face to face. He stood His ground but never walked over people. He didn't get rid of the apostles who couldn'
t grasp His message but elevated the biggest fumbler to the position of the first Pope.
When the authorities arrested Him, Jesus healed the soldier's ear. During His torture Jesus chould have called on angels to rescue Him. With one prayer to His Father, He could have stopped the scourging and crowning of thorns. Jesus allowed His torturers to mock Him and spit on Him. They jeered at the bleeding King of all Kings and Jesus remained silent except to say to the women, "Don't cry for me but for your sins."
In one great humiliating act they stripped Him of all His clothes in front of the crowd that came to watch Him die. The Son of our Almighty God stood naked before His persecutors and didn't complain, threaten revenge or ask for His Father's help. He quietly lay down on the cross and allowed the soldiers to nail down His hands and feet. He didn't say, "Hey, I'm the Savior. You can't do this!" He did not curse those who were trying to murder Him but prayed instead, "Father, forgive them."
When Jesus died the family didn't even have a grave to bury Him. A rich friend gave them His.
Mother held Son for a brief moment before she had to let Him go.
Our Lord God and Savior was buried in a borrowed tomb. The King of Kings succombed to the hands of His persecutors, leaving His 3 year mission in the hands of fumbling fishermen who abandoned Him in His final moments.
This is our humble, all powerful God.